Problem can arise from anywhere, Solution comes from us. 

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Through our business analysis tool, and through data analysis and modelling we will be providing you critical analysis and report to understand the behaviour of your customers to maximise client reach and satisfaction. Meotic uses proven marketing and sales technique to reach and expand your customer base. Developing web to make presence of your company in the global market today and email marketing is two of our core expertise.

Infrastructure Management and Design

Meotic Limited understands that IT infrastructure plays an important role for any business in this digital world. So, Infrastructure designed with plan and provides strong pillar of success to any business. Meotic’s infrastructure management service aims to help businesses gain what greater success by providing reliable dedicated and virtual infrastructure management and design services.

Meotic provides hosted Infrastructure or on premises infrastructure management service which is secure, reliable, sustainable and scalable.

Telecommunication Infrastructure being the core expertise, Meotic also provides a ready to go off-the-shelf product for various communication services. Product includes Choice of Asterisk, OpenSer, Kamailio with Billing and routing, number porting and other customizable capabilities.

Customers can rent and use our dedicated and virtual private servers with confidence. With Meotic infrastructure solutions customers are likely to minimize equipment and manpower costs, expensive downtime and troubleshooting.

Data Backup

Data is the one of the most important asset any company or an individual can posses in this digital world and it is very important that you be prepared with a disaster recovery plan. Backup is very important to be prepared to make sure that you do not lose your data should anything unwanted happens to your primary data store.  Here at meotic , we ensure that we protect your data and make it available to you when and where you need it.

Recovery & Restore

Backup solution Meotic provides is simple to setup and equally simple to restore. Accessing backup or accessing restore
are automated, backup will have history information, versioning and most importantly strees free.

Scheduling & Reporting

We also provide solution with reports, and schedule can be altered according to your need.

Dedicated Server

Meotic Limited provides reliable dedicated and virtual private servers to suit your business needs. You can rent and use our dedicated and virtual private servers with confidence. We also provide web hosting and web design services.

Other Services

With will to lead the market Meotic is discovered to be revolution in IT Solutions. One stop solution for infrastructural and home and personal usages too. Meotic makes Reseller Hosting even more eaiser than ever.  We offer unmatched reseller services, flexible pricing and ability to sell the next level.

  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Residential And Business VoIP Solutions
  • Wholesale VoIP Terminations
  • Database Backup , Restore Services
  • High Availability Infrastructure Setups
  • Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting Plan
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Cpanel Control Panel
  • Free Site Migration
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee




Reducing the cost to your business.

MEOTIC Limited provides proven sales and marketing solutions to reach and increase your customer base. Email Marketing, Advertising campaign, SEO, web design to visualize your company and make it globally present.


Meotic MySQL and File's Replication.

A managed Replication service from MEOTIC Limited ensures availability of database object and files at any given point with versioning which makes point in recovery easier than ever.

VoIP Platform

Versatile & Scalable VoIP solution

Unified Communications solutions, Best and suitable for business and house VoIP Solution. Reliable, open, extensible, efficient and scalable morden VoIP platform solution.


Get free from Server status.

There is enough to worry about in business forget about mail, web, gateway server, get alerts how you want. Configure thresholds, delays and repeat alerts to users and groups we will remind you.